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Bučos mero akyse – skausmas, bet ir viltis (13 komentarai)

LT LithuaniaMarc Hamburg
2024-02-19 15:51:03
VALOR TEAM; Email: valorhaq @ gmail com. Telegram: Valorhaq_HQ
After my engagement with VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM,I took it upon my shoulders to enlighten the world about some warning signs, which you can use to avoid falling victim to scammers. The scammers are usually articulate individuals, who often pretend to be investment advisors or stockbrokers in order to entice your interest. These scammers are persistent and play on your emotions, making you feel like a fool if you refuse to invest. You will also often be told that you need to make a quick decision or you will miss out on the deal.Scams can appear in many different forms, targeting both experienced investors and retail customers alike. They also come in many ways... from an unexpected phone call offering an investment opportunity, to an email encouraging you to buy shares that are about to go up in value based on ‘secret’ information. Alternatively, you might be encouraged to buy shares in a company you have never heard of, (often because it does not exist), or to invest in property, or a get-rich-quick scheme.
The calls often come from overseas, and while they promise above-average returns, those who invest usually end up losing their money. Be aware, these scams are also sometimes advertised in newspapers, magazines, or online as genuine investment opportunities.Don’t hesitate to contact VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM if you fear that you are involved in a scam & if you have been scammed already it’s still not over. One stop Recovery Pro’s “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” This Team’s contact information is above this article if you made it here.
UA UkraineMarc Pitchett
2024-02-21 13:08:44
My life was almost financially ruined when I got involved with brokers I discovered on YouTube. However, I was fortunate enough to seek help from KNIGHTHOODBOT @ GMAIL COM when I realized I had fallen victim to a scam. This group of hackers displayed exceptional skills and knowledge in retrieving lost assets. While I had read numerous reviews about hackers and their ability to recover lost investments, I decided to proceed with KNIGHTHOODBOT HACK CORP, and it turned out to be a wise choice. I must admit that I was initially scared, as I had come across comments from people who encountered fake recovery hackers while attempting to retrieve their lost investments. However, upon reaching out to the team on Telegram @Knighthoodbot9, their prompt response and detailed recovery process reassured me of their legitimacy as recovery hackers.
Although it took some time for them to locate the account to which the scammers had transferred my funds, they successfully tracked them down and retrieved my investments. One of the valuable lessons I have learned from this experience is to never trust anything related to online investments again. It seems that very few, if any, are legitimate nowadays. I have realized that it is far better to keep my money safely in my bank account than to invest in any program about which I know very little.
If you ever come across a broker named STACY B WALLACE on YouTube or Instagram, be aware that they are not legitimate brokers but rather individuals attempting to steal from the vulnerable . I am grateful to now have KNIGHTHOODBOT HACK CORP by my side, serving as a cybersecurity agent to protect me from any form of cyber threats.
UA UkrainePeter Mako
2024-02-22 12:21:21
Peter Mako; crypto analyst, investor.
Email: Valorhaq @ g mail dot com
Telegram: Valorhaq_HQ
As you think about what would cause more pain – making a bad investment or missing a good one – you must remember that bad outcomes are not always the result of a bad decision; sometimes you simply get unlucky or the probabilities don’t work out in your favor.
That’s why no investment action should be taken unless it is adequately supported by good evidence, which also requires that you have a good process for interpreting the evidence you have - VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM helps their client to develop clarity, those who are second guessing an investment company,entagled with a fraudulent company or probably just seeking the skills of professional hackers.Also neglecting adequate research before investing is a critical error that can lead to regrettable outcomes. This mistake involves making investment decisions without a thorough understanding of the investment’s fundamentals, market conditions , or potential risks. For instance, investing in a company without understanding its financial health, business model, or industry position can lead to unexpected losses if these factors turn unfavorable and when this happens only but a handful are able to recover what they lost and this is where “VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM’ Show what they are made of. The regret following such uninformed decisions often centers on the realization that better preparation could have averted the negative outcomes & stumbling upon this is that miracle you have been hoping on this whole time “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” because I can totally Vouch for this company,THEY DIDN’T LET ME DOWN RIGHT AFTER I LOST EVERYTHING!.
HN HondurasGeorgeUnill
2024-02-24 16:48:24
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LT LithuaniaCahil Patrick
2024-02-27 12:36:11
Special Thanks to ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM definitely a genuine recovery team.. I still feel like I owe a lot to this team so sharing this information to show more appreciation for what this team had done for me. Firstly i will like to advise anyone going into Binary trading investment to do that with extremely care or rather stay out totally to have avoid making the same mistake others had made, I almost lost all my investment and profits to a company i invested in without knowing I was actually dealing with some sort of scam.., i was introduced to this company by the lady i met over on LinkedIn.. she advised that i join the platform in order to trade and make more profits just from my comfort zone. Well she also claimed that this was the only source of income she had to match up with her extravagant lifestyle so i had to believe her and give it a try. we got going and i invested hugely within the first month so after some awhile i decided to withdraw but noticed the company actually restricted me to withdraw my profits when it’s was due for me, i contacted the company to see what was going wrong but the so called customer support was seeking for a high fee to be paid before my funds could be withdrawn, after i did paid for this fees i was still unable to withdraw my funds but thanks to ROOTKITS RECOVERY TEAM for their assistance and efforts toward this period of time, i was left with no option than to hire this team to help me recover back my funds and luckily enough i met them when i was in research of help online! I count myself lucky honestly to have met them at the right time, they recovered back all my funds directly back to my wallet just few days of being in touch, I also directed my cousin sister who has familiar issue to this team and she equally recovered hers too. If seek for some professional assistance ROOTKITS TEAM will serve you right, the following is the link to his Telegram account ROOTKITS7 and Email: R O O T K I T S 4@ G M A IL . C O M.
LT LithuaniaTravis Coulter
2024-02-27 13:58:39
KNIGHTHOODBOT HACK CORP saved my A** .Last year, I found myself presented with an intriguing proposal via Instagram, revolving around cryptocurrency and stock investments. Despite my lack of prior experience in digital assets, I opted to explore this opportunity, driven by a curiosity to delve into new financial avenues. Little did I anticipate the costly repercussions that awaited me.
Initially, the proposal appeared promising, offering potential returns on investment. However, skepticism crept in as a friend cautioned me about the suspicious nature of the proposal. Despite their warning, I brushed aside their concerns and proceeded with the offer, believing there was no harm in trying something new.
As time progressed, my initial optimism soured into disappointment and frustration. When the time came to retrieve my profits, I encountered an unexpected obstacle - I was unable to access my account. It became apparent that I had fallen victim to a scam, with the website serving as a mere facade for fraudulent activities. Despite having invested a substantial sum totalling $1.7 million, comprising an initial investment of $720k and an expected return of $900k+, I found myself locked out without recourse. I reachedFaced with the daunting prospect of forfeiting a significant sum, I sought alternative avenues for assistance. It was then that I stumbled upon a Crypto recovery firm operating on Telegram under the handle @KNIGHTHOODBOT9. With little to lose and everything to gain, I decided to enlist their services.
Communicating my predicament to the recovery firm, we embarked on a process aimed at retrieving my funds. Despite initial apprehensions, the firm's professionalism and dedication instilled a newfound sense of hope within me. Within the span of a week, my funds were successfully recovered .
Reflecting on this experience, I realized the importance of vigilance and due diligence when navigating the realm of financial investments, particularly in the digital landscape. For those who find themselves ensnared in similar predicaments, seeking assistance from reputable recovery services such as K N I G H T H O O D B O T @ G M A IL dot COM could prove instrumental in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.
RU Russian FederationBernays
2024-02-28 09:46:37
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LT LithuaniaMarlene Moore
2024-02-29 19:00:25
I had once had an encounter with a Crypto investment programmed scheme that I thought was going to be a good opportunity to save more funds as well make some profits out of it but unfortunately it turned out to be a Fraudulent company, i had invested a lot of funds into this company without being aware it’s was all scam until when i requested to make withdrawal of some parts of my funds which i had made within the couple months we had partnered together.. Well i got my request to withdrawal declined multiple times.. i had to contact the company costumer support desk but was asked to clear some fees before i could be able to do that, i did cleared the fees that they demanded but still was unable to complete a withdrawal as they kept demanding for more fees, this made me feel so bad and felt really disappointed. i taught all money was lost until I met a life savior on a crypto site who had helped a lot of people recover there stolen funds/coins ( ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM ) I explained my situation to them and they assured me to help me get my money back, I gave it a try and they definitely did a great job, all my money was recovered back into my wallet account just within few days, I don’t really know how they got this done but this is really awesome! I’m writing this to inform more people about crypto scam and also let the ones who had similar issue to contact this Professional team for help and assistance, Telegram; ROOTKITS7 or Email: R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I. L . C O M I’m so grateful to this firm especially for coming through when i needed a help so bad.
UA UkraineWessely Gardner
2024-03-02 13:17:05
All crypto Mining site seems to be fake and fraudulent, please do not let anyone tell you otherwise or deceive you into mining your crypto.. i have had a very bad experience with two different cryptocurrency mining companies, the second company website collapsed and I was locked out. I sent them a ton of emails and messages as well, but they stopped communicating. I had mined a total of $157,000 worth of bitcoins through their website i ended up loosing every bit of my crypto with this companies, i reported my case to the Police provided every information and details i was asked for.. they actually did their possible best but they scammers seems untraceable as they found out that this companies never existed, i almost went mad at this stage as part of the money i put in this was loaned from the finance institution.. i really have no much idea on what to do next, i went online searching for various techniques to recover my money i then came across pretty good testimonies of victims who had their funds recovered by ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM. Prior to learning about this team , I had eventually given up on ever getting my money back. Without any delay I got in touch with the Team once and provided them with all the information they required, and using the information I gave and out of their professional level they were able to recover all my lost bitcoins within 48 hours they took my case. ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM is a cryptocurrency recovery firm that has been assisting scam victims just like me to retrieve their money. Their quality and assistance is exceptional and I commend their efforts. I am appreciative to ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM for their help in recovering back my lost crypto. you can contact them through mail; ROOTKITS4 @ GM A IL . C O M or Telegram: ROOTKITS7 if you are a victim of fraud to recover back your funds
LT LithuaniaStephanie Myers
2024-03-02 19:57:15
Email: valorhaq@ gmail com
Telegram: Valorhaq_HQ
Investing is one of the best ways to build your wealth and help achieve your long-term financial goals. However, several common and expensive missteps have the potential to derail your investment progress meanwhile proper research plus Reviews put me right back on track with VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM’s Professional Assistance right after it seemed like the end of the rail line in my investment journey.It’s indeed critical to educate yourself on various investments’ risk characteristics, return potential, underlying holdings, tax treatment, asset class characteristics, expenses and more. Your wealth manager is a great source for insight into how specific investments may impact your overall portfolio and financial goals but in my case the broker assigned to me is working hand in hand with the scammers instigating me to keep investing and at a point even loaned me to try to meet up with an investment deadline.VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM exposed these band of fraudsters disguising and defrauding innocent people of their pension funds, for what they are and did a great job Recovering what I invested into the fake investment company.In a nutshell during online investments, it is best to have a predetermined strategy so that you can trade and invest in a smart way .Make sure that you avoid these investment mistakes to stay profitable with your investments,if you have been defrauded recognizing the following mistake and taking proactive steps by contacting “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM will likely improve your outcomes and ultimately give you a better chance in all asset retrieval/fraud cases.
LT LithuaniaShaniqua Shaffer
2024-03-04 21:08:43
I was among the hopeful investors in the crypto market, aiming to secure my financial future post-retirement. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered when I fell victim to a fraudulent platform, losing approximately $255,000, along with promised profits. I found myself in dire straits, having borrowed money from friends, only to lose it all. Just when I thought all was lost, I discovered Wizard Asset Recovery, a Crypto recovery expert. In just 48 hours, Wizard Asset Recovery managed to recover my lost funds and even traced the perpetrators. I am incredibly grateful for their swift and effective assistance, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone facing similar challenges.

WhatsApp: +1 (315) 756-1228
LT LithuaniaAndrea Jordan
2024-03-04 22:16:18
I’m very thankful to ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM.. honestly this team was of a great benefits to me and my family. i failed a victim to a fake crypto investment company, its a pity the Lady i met on instagram Mrs Ruth Amelia by name lured me into investing with this company, we actually have been friends for almost a year over on instagram. along the line she mention about this company to me and how she had been earning money from there and did provide me with some sort of proofs and certificate of the company. then seeing all this i went ahead and made a couple of investment with them, at the beginning it was actually going nice but when it was time for me to withdraw my total profits and earnings, they started giving silly excuses regarding the company upgrade, taxes and co as was unable to make the withdrawal successfully. the support was not helping out in anyway as they kept requesting for more money, while all this was happening personally i got really disturb and depressed, a friend of mine who i opened up to in order to lend some money so i could at least pay the fees and have my funds but he then told me that this could be scam that he had a similar experience and advice i should get a hacker which he referred me to the ROOTKITS TEAM. left to me i never believe that could be possible but as it goes i contacted their email: R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M , They responded once and i gave them the necessary info they required. to my great surprise they recovered all my frozen investments back for me just within few days i couldn’t be more thankful to this fantastic team, If ever been a victim of crypto or binary scam you can trust Rootkits. I thought there were no such good genuine guys anymore on earth, but this team brought my trust to humanity again. GOD bless you Rootkits you can reach them on Telegram with the user ID ( ROOTKITS7 )
US United StatesPlayfair
2024-03-05 03:03:52
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